Wednesday, August 30, 2017

We Are

We are well into our second full week of school.  Schedules are settling.  Stress has hit its peak and is coming down.  School-schedule life is now the norm.

  • If you've read here for any length of time, my struggle with exercise of any kind is well documented.  I've tried lots of things - gym workouts, Pilates, walking and hate it all!  Hate.  It.  I've contemplated trying yoga for a long time and finally, after watching Ali Edwards' fitness journey on Instagram, decided to look into local studios.  I did a bit of research, picked a nearby studio and bought a five class pass.  So far, I've enjoyed it, as much as one can enjoy burning thighs, shaking arms, and folding oneself into a myriad of shapes in the name of healthy lifestyle.  But it's a no-judgement zone and modifications are made to accommodate your flexibility, or lack there of, so there's that.
  • #nationaldogday
  • When Level 4 Spanish class takes a day a week to watch Spanish TV - there must be snacks
  • Wishing your Bestie Happy Birthday with a Questionable Fashion Flashback
  • Fishing adventures await
  • Drive It, 4-Wheel It, Hike It, Fish It. . .
  • . . . Pop it
  • If you're fishing you better have a story, and they did, along with a lesson in changing tires
  • Harvest time starts now
  • When you're ready to make jam, but your fruit pectin is a tad out-of-date
  • Your A/C is broken.  Peaches can't wait any longer.  The temp is in the low 90's - outside.  #cookinginthefiresofhellskitchen
  • The 18 y.o. went to help move his girlfriend into college, but enjoyed some great views while doing so.
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