Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Monday's Piles, Tuesday's Inspiration

"Kids, bring down your clothes.  It won't be my fault if you have no clothes for school on Monday morning!"  This has become the standard call every Saturday.  And every Sunday this is what greets me in the laundry room.  This week was a good one, they actually made it past the threshold of the door - usually I have to be a mountain climber to even make it in the room.
Yes, it's hideous (rivals my "studio").  And yes, it's embarrassing to show you this side of my life.  But it's laundry.  It's not supposed to be pretty.

But 45 minutes later it looks like this.  To the untrained eye, I'm sure you're thinking - "What the. . ?  It's the same!  Maybe slightly different."  You would be correct, but laundry is now sorted and the tops of the machines can actually be seen.  The piles of magazines have been boxed and are awaiting the recycle pick-up/drop-off.  This mess, I can work in this mess.

I only do laundry once a week, usually takes me two days thanks to a school with uniforms and sports with uniforms and clothes that get changed into after either of the uniforms.  If you are unlucky enough not to hear my call, or ignore my call and miss this cycle?  Bummer for you.  I like to see a laundry room floor in between my washing days.  It would make me crazy to see this all week, every week.

And so comes today's inspiration.  Our scrap spaces have piles; piles of paper, piles of ribbon, piles of buttons - or maybe it would if we actually cleared our space into piles.  Perhaps, now it's just a spread out mess, similar to photo one above.  Today, create a layout (1 or 2-page) drawing only from the piles on your desk.  If you need a full sheet(s) of cardstock for a base, that's fine, but the rest of the layout uses only what's already out on your desk.  If you're lucky enough to actually clear your space after working - you're probably the type who keeps her scraps.  Go for the scraps.

Post your layout by Sunday evening for a shot at a Thanksgiving Cookie.  I'll share the clean version of my laundry room later.  Like my studio space, it's never perfectly clean, but I enjoy the clear line-of-vision and the knowledge that something's been completed.


Deanna said...

I added my link which is a Pocket Page for some of DGD's October school papers. Was working with the Studio Calico kit so used some scraps and other things I had laying around.

Patchi said...

I swear I do not have a clean craft table (or laundry room) every week! This week is definitely an exception... I cleaned up my craft table this weekend (while Dada was doing laundry!)