Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sketch Day

Cleans up nice doesn't it?  Had I been home at all yesterday, you'd have seen it then.  Ahhhh!  I think I need curtains in there, though I've thought that for years.  Or at least whenever it's actually this clean.  Oh, Target?

Given my absence from home all day yesterday I'm up to my neck in catch-up work.  So outside of showing you my clean laundry-is-done room, you get today's sketch.  Nuts About Sketches, besides having great sketches, I love that they're 2-pages and multi-photo.  Nice.  And her design team is great - you can't miss.

This, along with any others this week, is due Sunday evening.

Enjoy your day!


Deanna said...

WOW! That does clean up nice, Lori! I bet that's such an accomplishment, but then it starts all over again soon I'm sure! ack!

Love the 2-pager and hope to get to work on it later today!

Rebecca Kvenvolden said...

WOW, i should say so! awesome job Lori!!

Charlene said...

I'm back yay!! I have missed your challenges and crops! I hope to get back into scrapping with you all. :)