Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday Stuff

Well, another Halloween is behind us.  Time to strip away the Halloween-flavored decor and leave behind just the fall stuff.  And as I figured, the mad dash for costumes ended as predicted - everything came together.  Even my toddler wore his ears and tail once he was on the trail 'o candy.  It was crazy-nice weather for us here - mid-60's at treating time, no snow, no rain, no wind.  The kids loved it.  It was also the first year where the kids didn't go out as a group.  DH took the three boys around our street, then came home with Matt, while the other two took off on their own, coming home only briefly to off-load accessories they didn't want to carry anymore.  Kallene was with a couple friends in another neighborhood trick-or-treating there, and I would suppose, doing things that are best left unthought of and unknown.

Earlier in the day there was a pumpkin carving party which resulted in three additional pumpkins to sit on the front steps;  Blue's Clues, a Graveyard, the Hulk (who was more shrunken after a week sitting carved), a  scary face and a Vampire/Joker looking face.  All carved by the kids.

What eventually left for trick-or-treating was a Greek Goddess (without her laurel-leaf headpiece), a lion (with his tail and ears), a very beat-up yet victorious soccer player (you should see the bruises and bandages) and a WWII Army-man.

They all came home with enough candy to last well into next year so I'm sure they won't miss a few pieces here and there.

A super shout out to Sous Chef Jennifer H. whose 2-page layout appears with this month's PageMaps examples.  Find it HERE.  Way to go Jennifer!!

Apron Strings is the Scrapper of the Month sponsor over at Colorful Creations - HERE - they have a ton of super fun challenges to choose from.  Go, play and get the chance to win!

Hmmm. . . I was hoping to pick the last winner of Croptoberfest, but something's up with Blogger, and InLinkz is down, so maybe later.  I am taking a break from challenges this week - so enjoy and keep scrapping. 

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Deanna said...

aawww...they're all so cute and did a great job with their pumpkin carvings! See ya next week then!