Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday and Inspiration . . . Please!

I'm not sure, but I think my brain has left the building.  Is it brain dead or just done?  I'm not sure what it is, but I need for it to stop.  I went scrapbooking on Friday - man I could not get started (and I've actually been craving getting out and scrapbooking).  When I did finally stop shuffling things around and apply the glue, well, the layouts were. . .not good.   (I actually stabbed a photo because I didn't think about the layout underneath when I slipped a stick pin into a pop dot - went straight through the pop dot and cardstock to the photo underneath.)  I didn't even show the kids on Saturday morning.  And until I took photos of them today, I haven't looked at them since they were completed.   But you know, they're done and they're not "look away" hideous.  It's a good reminder - not all photos are perfect, not all photos are fun to work with (there's a reason you keep passing over some of them) but all memories are important - at least to me.  And next time these won't be on my list of things to do because they are done!

So, since I'm thinking I'm not providing a whole lot in the inspiration department today, let's turn to someone who is!  Kailyn, April's Guest Designer has produced the cute little layout below using the My Little Shoebox portion of the April Smaller than a Breadbox kit.  Check out her blog HERE.

I'm off to see what I can procrastinate on for today - the list is long and the choices are many.  Cloudy and cold is usually a get-me-going kind of day, but nope, that's not working either.  It is finally a pleasure to look in the backyard, though, and see little, new green leaves on most of the trees and bushes.  The grass is greening up.  Pretty.  Serene even.

Happy Wednesday!


perezmom said...

I am pretty sure my brain is hanging out with your brain somewhere sipping a coffee that our children haven't got a hold of and laughing at us! I am also sure my brain got there first!
And the layouts you did are terrific!

Maria said...

I'm blaming my slow brain activity on the weather. It's an easy scapegoat. You accomplished more than I did last Friday scrapping!

Deanna said...

I think they're all wonderful and can't wait to get started with the new kits! But, with DD here on bedrest (til the baby comes) and I have 4 of the grandkids here I don't think there's much time left for scrapping!