Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 3 - Save up to 70%

We're two days into 2012. How are your resolutions holding up? Did you set goals to eat better, move more, create time for yourself and scrapbook?

If you want to do more scrapbooking, Apron Strings can help you with that part. With such great prices during Day 3 of the End-of-Year Clearance Sale you can certainly stock up on all kinds of supplies.

You'll find lots of selection with savings starting at 25% and going up to 70%! Savings like that is inspiration enough, but think of what inspiration is to come when that little (or big) box is delivered to your door. Like Christmas all over again.

* Save on Past Kits - get the ones you missed
* Save on Paper Packs - restock favorites or pick up extras of kits you have so you don't have to make the tough choice of which side of the paper to use
* Save on Embellishments - sometimes it's just fun to have more sparkle and glitter
* Save on
TV Dinners and Soup for Ones - these are great whether you want to try a smaller verison of a kit out, or maybe you only liked one part of a previous kit.

* Find SUPER savings in the Table Scraps area where everything is at least 70% off -

Today check out the Scrapper's Boxes (big or small) - if you like a surprise, need a gift, or just can't make any more decisions after the holidays, a Scrapper's Box is your item of choice. Filled with any number of items: kits, TV Dinners, Paper Packs, Embellishments, Stickers, Ribbon - a great selection at 50% savings.

Don't foget to snag a
Grab Bag of Patterned Paper
and/or theEmbellishment Bag.

Want more? Who doesn't? With every order of $35 (before shipping and taxes) or more you'll get a free second helping of paper. Spend $70, get two packs. Every order gets a Return Rewards discount to use at a later time.

Don't let your scrapbooking goal fall so soon, get started by stocking up today!

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