Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Have you been?  To Pinterest that is.  Are you a pinning freak?  Or are you totally in the dark about it all?

Well, I was in the dark, even though I requested an invite and set up an account.  I think it sat, for months, before I made my first Pin. . .and that, folks, was all she wrote.  So many fun things, interesting things, inspirational things.  I could lose days. . .if it weren't for that darn husband and kids needing clothes and food and rides to and fro.

If you don't know Pinterest, think electronic bulletin board where you "Pin" pictures of everything and anything to "Boards:"  recipes, home decor pieces, room design, holiday items, holiday decor, teacher gifts, outfits, color combos, subway art or inspirational words, gardens, kids crafts and yes, layouts and cards.  Some people are selective and some people are like hoarders.  Although my eyes would like to be a hoarder and pin everything, my head is much more selective.

And so now, Apron Strings has "Boards" that need following.  Boards with Scrappy Ideas, Studio Inspiration, Home Craft Pieces, Recipes (for when you've spent the day scrapbooking) and a couple others.  There's also a December Board, semi-filled with layouts created with the December '11 kits.

I want that December Board filled.  Do you have any layouts using the December kits?  If so, send me (admin@apronstringsdesigns.com) a link to them online and I'll Pin it to the Board.

Note, I cannot be held responsible for any addictive behaviors related to "Pinning."

Happy Tuesday.

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tomiannie said...

Oh, how fun! Could you add a link where we can follow Apron Strings on Pinterest?