Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cherry Pickin'

A couple Saturdays ago my daughter and I headed out east to do some Pie Cherry Pickin' at a farm we have been to in the past for strawberries and raspberries.  My boys, all of them, were also headed east - to Nebraska and Cabela's.

We left early to try to beat the heat and the crowds.  We had never been cherry picking before, but I LOVE cherries, so I needed to get some.  I had big plans for cherry jam.

After an hour we had two flats full of bright red little cherries weighing almost 13 pounds.  I had a lot of pitting ahead of me. . .

I managed to crank out six pints of cherry freezer jam over last weekend and it is so good!  I have several trays of cherries freezing individually and need to get them bagged.  I have another flat needing to be pitted before they go bad, that I'd like to get into a Raspberry Cherry jam.  If the weather is willing, which I doubt, I may be able to get that done today (it's just hard to can in 100+ heat).  Dear husband came home that same Cherry Pickin' day with 15 pounds of Bings and Rainier cherries.  Those will just get frozen until the weather gets cooler and I can stand over another vat of jam.

Now, here's the scrapbooker in me. . .I know the papers that would be great with this layout. . .the KaiserCraft Nan's Favourites from last September's Smaller kit.  LOL

Happy Wednesday from the land of cherries and fire.

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