Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday Already?

I'm not sure how it got to be Wednesday.  It must be the return of the heat and high temperatures.  Or maybe it's the living with two teens, a pre-teen and a toddler.  The combination is enough to scramble the most sane person. . .and I've never claimed to be anywhere near sane.

I may have slacked on a post or two this week, but the home front is getting back in control. . .laundry is done and delivered to rooms (I'll be checking later to see if the piles are put away correctly, or whether they're jammed somewhere out of sight so as to appear put away), I've done a good amount of chores that were sadly lacking, but the heat saps me by the end of the day.  Today, I have plans to escape the the lower level and do some cleaning down there.  I feel the need, and it is a NEED, to scrapbook.  I need to create something.  My soul needs it.

Looking at this inspiration isn't helping me either, it just makes the need to dig into my kits all the worse.  Like this card created by Tomi Ann Hill and the August All Year Cheer Card kit.  Tomi Ann created this one and five others, all with full-color instructions.

Jennifer Halleck created this card using her scraps from her Smaller than a Breadbox August kit, the October Afternoon Cake Walk line - the Doodlebug card base was in another kit.
Kristin Perez showed the versatility of the October Afternoon 9 to 5 line with her layout highlighting her kids writing with Feather Pens. . .thank goodness we don't have to journal with those anymore.  I've used one, and that was an art!
Maria Swiatkowski used her water-themed Echo Park Paradise Beach line (found in the Bigger than a Breadbox August kit) to create a page about her girls.  No water or beach to be seen. :)
Finally, Nancy Longo used her Cake Walk, a party-themed line, and made it a perfect background for her bunnies.  I love how farm-fresh it looks.  Perfect for the subjects.

Alright heat. . .you're not getting me today!

Happy Wednesday,

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Jojorenee said...

Your card & layouts are great! I am actually chasing the heat can you send it over here!