Thursday, March 27, 2014

Chalkboard Craze and the Perfect Pen

As is probably obvious, given I'm not showing my own progress, I haven't scrapped much in the last few weeks.  However, I thought I'd share the one thing (outside my trimmer and adhesive) that has been getting quite the workout, even though it's not on pages.  Seriously, I've used it more in the past couple weeks than I've scrapped.

Chalkboards are big - from actual chalkboards in various shapes and uses, to fonts - just check out Pinterest.  The hot trend has worked it's way into scrapbook papers, stickers and embellishments.  They are really fun, and I love the look, but their dark surface makes it tricky to write on.  There's the rollerball-style (been there), metallic pens (done that) and jellyroll pens (ah, no).  Rollerball/Jellyroll tend to get all gummy, plus they have spotty ink flow, which you usually discover three words into whatever you're writing.  Metallic pens, well that's not always the look I'm going for.  So I started to search for the "perfect" white pen.

I found this Sharpie White Paint Pen and it is AWESOME.  Paint pen you say?  "Those glob out the paint and leave blobs on my surface," you say.  This may be true for some pens, but not this lovely.  You do prime the tip, which I guess you could get a blob, but you wouldn't prime it on your project anyway.  It was originally a Bigger than a Breadbox kit, but I've used it on several pages and a lot on cards that I've made with dark bases.  I've written with it, and my kids have used it, even the 5 y.o. without any problems - I do caution them not to press the tip down hard, just in case.  But it goes on smooth, doesn't warp the paper, doesn't bleed, doesn't "sink" into the paper leaving you with ghost words and, best of all, dries in a flash.


I've used it on the above layouts for the journaling and then on the inside of this card (and a couple others) and I get legible writing every time.  

If you're looking for a good dark paper pen, I recommend this one.  And bonus - Apron Strings has a few in the Pantry. . .and I think they might be on sale. ;)

Happy Thursday,

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