Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Head Spinning Days and a Layout

We've all had those days - at least I hope it's not just me - those head spinning with too many things to do, too many lists, too much of everything days.

Hello, welcome to my day.  So many things and no one thing is the focus.  Flitting from thought to thought, project to project, to-do to to-do.  Usually, to get me out of it I need either a good nap, or better yet, a bit of time to do something that is brain-function-light.

See this is where Apron Strings kits come in very handy.  Other than choosing the photos - and if you follow here you know most of my work has been Project Life® related so that's a no-brainer - all the thinking/choosing/coordinating is done in the kit for me.  I grab some photos and a kit and just plunk down and get to it.  Or if it's a really bad spin day, a card from the scraps on my table will suffice.

Like, I could totally crank out a PL page using Maria Swiatkowski's layout as inspiration.  She used the February Smaller than a Breadbox kit (the Pebbles line) to create this traditional page.  The grid totally translates to PL for me, but it's simplicity makes creating any type of layout a piece of brainless cake.

Then I just grab a sketch from my PageMaps Card Class (which I said was open to self-paced until the 19th.  I was wrong, the self-paced version opens the 19th.)  You can also opt for browsing all the Card Maps, too.  And just a note - I did sit down last night and open my first week's class email and printed off all the goodies.  So that's something.

Happy Wednesday,

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