Wednesday, October 5, 2016

We Are

We spent another weekend touring around Colorado.  This time we headed south and west to soak up the gold, which is gone now thanks to snow yesterday and today.  

We dragged all the kids along with us.  "Dragged" being the working word there.  Hey, we had a car that fit all of us, and I wasn't missing that opportunity - hubby's car is finally being repaired for the hail damage and they gave him a mini van that seats eight.  If I could think of someplace else to pull persuade them to go to, I'd do it.

  • Nothing like seeing your not-the-best traits reflected in your kids.
  • If you have to see the sun rise, at least it's a good one
  • Generation Day - Homecoming Week - Seniors
  • Generation Day - Homecoming Week - Toddlers aka Sophomores
  • Things mothers didn't know about before the advent of social media
  • Concert One - Girlie had quite the social run last week
  • Toga Day - Homecoming Week - aka Color Day for the rest of the school
  • Concert Two 
  • Sigh. . .
  • Coffee before baseball 
  • Rockies with the "Fam"
  • Former roommate turned Bestie
  • I'm so sorry I missed the live show.  Or maybe not.
  • The Dog Disturber, aka the 17 y.o.
  • Outtakes from a wedding
  • They are brothers
  • 17 y.o.'s Homecoming Crew
  • Southern Gold
  • Academic Letter Award Night for the 17 y.o.  This is the third year he's earned an academic letter.  #proud
  • When you lend your phone for photos, you don't always get just the requested photos
  • Something's brewing under those clouds
Happy Wednesday,

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