Wednesday, October 26, 2016

We Are

We'll just dub it "Hockey Week," because that's what it felt like.  We are back into the realm of kid sports.  I have mixed emotions about that.  On the one hand I love watching them play and grow.  On the other there's the chaos of the schedules, meals and equipment, which was previously a ball and shin guards not the 11 pieces we currently have going.  And, frankly, other sports parents - get a grip, he's likely not the next Gretzky . . . and . . . he's EIGHT!  

  • And so we begin
  • She stopped on her way to work to help someone who had crashed on their bike in the neighborhood - hurray!  Was sorely disappointed in our first aid kits (aka empty boxes with a couple band-aids) - boo.  She's now in charge of helping us get them fitted out.  ;)
  • When you wake up at 8:44 on a Sunday, stop mid-stretch and realize you have to have him on the ice at 9:15.  You get him up and tell him to get his basics on.  Then you try to make it look like you didn't just wake up, and roll you both out into the car, shoving a banana in his face.  You get to the rink and start jamming him into the rest of his gear.  As you're taping up his socks you realize he is wearing his pajamas under his basics.  Bonus points though, he was on the ice at 9:14 and he scored four goals during the scrimmage. . .
  • Friends - priceless
  • This is not the look of someone who is focusing on starting his hockey evaluations
  • It's all about being mysterious
Happy Wednesday,

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