Wednesday, October 19, 2016

We Are

Unintended breaks, followed by a decided lack of motivation.  The week went on anyway, with or without me.

  • Stress fractures #runnerprobs - Oh, and it's not my foot, it's the Girlie's.
  • Adults do, too. . .hello, pajamas in the drop-off line at school.
  • Concert #3 for the week
  • When you get crab-apples, and use four pounds, only to realize you're going to need more recipes because you didn't make a dent
  • First day of the new season and while dressing discover the hockey jersey wasn't in the bag.  Luckily the coach in the locker room had an extra.  We also, somehow, lost a hockey sock from a closed bag.
  • Getting after that elusive puck
  • Rain plus fall colors equals glorious
  • Last race - League Qualifiers - bested his time on this course by one minute.  Great Season!
  • Is it twinning or is it branding?
  • You are right - washing windows has unseen time suckers
  • When you wear a sweater and a flannel, but nobody told you it was 82 degrees
  • Though she surrounds herself with color, she just doesn't wear it.  She's her own neutral.
  • When things get weird while sketching for your art class

Happy Wednesday,

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