Wednesday, December 7, 2016

We Are

The cold has arrived.  It's a toasty 9 degrees at the moment, with light snow.  If I were a skier, and this were the mountains, I'm sure I'd be drooling over the powder covering everything.  But, alas, I'm not and while it's beautiful, it'd be prettier if I was watching it from my front window, not driving in it.

  • The LAST box to empty onto the tree.  It's only taken the better part of a week.
  • These cattails caught my eye while waiting to meet hubby.  The 8 y.o. enjoyed his first encounter with pulling the fluff out, aka smashing them on the ground to watch them burst and blow away.
  • He (the 8 y.o.) made himself some lunch - that would be toast with brown sugar and a Nutella and honey sandwich.  We'll call it a pre-workout carbo load.
  • At least someone noticed
  • Enjoying a new view and a job finished
  • Views from St. Nick's day morning
  • She won't say which she wants more, the bone from neighbors, or the Stranahan's
Happy Wednesday,

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