Wednesday, February 7, 2018

We Are

So yeah, I started this post last week, but never managed to get it published.  Lucky you, you get two weeks - though I didn't really add much more.  Two weeks ago was much more busy than this last week.

We enjoyed a nice weekend with hubby's brother, who was visiting here before heading up for several days of spring skiing in Breckenridge.  It was terribly low-key (I kinda felt bad that it seemed like all we did was feed him), with bursts of activities.  We went to a company outing at Dave & Busters for dinner and a game playing.  Pinewood Derby the following day, with last minute tweaks (and a video viewing on the physics of making the car run faster), and a Sweet 16 for my niece.  Then it was war movies for the brothers - I was outta there for those; saw them once and that was it for me.

This past week Girlie turned 21.  Yesterday, actually.  Superbowl, Girlie's friends (who cooked and one who remembered her lactose sensitivity and made his meatball subs with "her" cheese - super sweet!) and a win for the Eagles!  Frankly, I'd have rooted for anyone other than the Patriots.  And the 9 y.o. had his play performance - which was what you'd expect for a 3rd - 5th grade production - pretty good, hardly any empty pauses, almost all lines were remembered, laughter and full of sweetness for getting up there and just doing it.  Watching the second play, the older kids (6th thru 8th grades) I was impressed with what second year drama kids can do.  Kudos to the director for both plays and wrangling a few dozen kids every week since September!

  • Parent Appreciation Day - gotta love the kids who stand out, curbside, on one of the few freezing mornings we've had, to hand out breakfast burritos to parents dropping off their kids.  #catholicschoolsweek
  • Sun is coming up earlier if she caught the sunrise - she's at work before 6 am for her twelve hour shift.  So she's been getting there in the dark, and leaving in the dark.  Spring must be coming.
  • Took Second overall in the Pinewood Derby
  • Out of his four heats, he took first on the last one, coming in second for the first three.
  • While boys were debating the physics and design of a Derby car, I was picking out my next sewing project from Sweetwater.  I have a few Project Sweetwater boxes, so I chose a project with something simple to continue getting to know my sewing machine.  I have realized the new one intimidates the crap out of me!
  • Of course the Derby car is modeled after a Mustang.  Raise you're hand if you're surprised.  Not.
  • Putting her Christmas present to use and loving it.  Except that one time she connected with the bag wrong and bruised the bejezzus out of her knee.
  • Day off.  Dressed.  What is up with the universe?
  • When the best of a squirrel's day is that you, once again, taunted and eluded the dog
  • He's going to school early for the sunrises?  
  • When she gives you "the face."
  • She's very talented.  Gets it from her Great-Grandpa J.
  • Bestie.  Giant cookie.  Bob Ross Wannabe.  Wine.  'Cause she's legal now.  
  • She's ready for Rockies season and Charlie.
  • I have a feeling she sleeps there when nobody's home, but this time we were home and someone tucked her in.  Without the blanket, I'm not sure she'd be there.
  • Superbowl spread, Kroo-made
  • He played Billy in the Velveteen Rabbit.  Nice job, too.
  • Warm enough to walk outside.  Untied shoelaces.  #happenseverytime
Happy Wednesday,


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