Thursday, February 22, 2018

We Are

Just wasn't able to pull myself together enough to get a post up on Wednesday, which would include last Wednesday's doings.  I'm a slacker this week, what can I say.

  • When you're just happy it's Monday, because that means treats
  • FINALLY, a photo of the 19 y.o.  P.S.  I'd never be on that bridge.  Not ever.
  • The Girlie.  21.  Brownies were her choice of birthday dessert.  See Friday's (or maybe next Friday's) post for the recipes.  Both were good, but one won.
  • Treating the care-givers 
  • He always could sleep anywhere
  • School project in the making using only recycled materials.
  • Wish I could take credit for these cookies, but they were all Girlie.  #luckyfriends
  • Walking outside, beats round-and-round in my house.
  • Sunday matinee of Romeo & Juliet, the ballet, with mom and sister
  • Guess she's not much into the Olympics
  • I caved.  Guess you'll be getting InstantPot recipes on Friday now.
Happy Thursday,



just jennifer said...

So do you like the instant pot? We talked about it and you said it was like your pressure cooker.... LOL

Drinks maybe Friday or Monday?

Lori said...

I've made two things now and I am liking it. Since it also slow cooks I believe my slow cooker may be exiting the building. I think I can do Friday, but let me check my calendar. :)