Friday, May 28, 2010

5 on Friday

WooHoo it's Friday! My kids have a half day, it's supposed to be 90+ degrees and even with the hot temps and my kids home early, life is good. This weekend will prove to be chaos, but even that should be fun. As much as life feels like it revolves around soccer at times, I do enjoy watching my boys play. And I'll have plenty of opportunity this weekend, with seven games in two days. Sort of sounds like one of those mad-paced European vacations - "See 12 countries in 3 days!" Those are just the scheduled games, if they do well, we could have as many as three more. PLUS, the super bonus - this means Spring soccer is over! :) I'm sure you're just chompin' at the bit to get your final challenge for this week. I know I am. I was IM'n with Melanie and she wondered if I was going to do a red, white & blue thing. I hadn't thought about it, but it is Memorial Weekend - the official non-calendar start to Summer. So here is your 5 on Friday:
  • 1 sheet cardstock in navy or red
  • 1 sheet patterned paper
  • 1 set metallic embellishments
  • 1 set of stars
  • 1 set of buttons

Now, remember, nothing but the above listed ingredients, except journaling and a title. The layout DOES NOT have to be patriotic themed (I'll save that for another time), but does need to have the listed items. Have this challenge and the other two from this week uploaded by Saturday evening.

One last thing - Jennifer H. has the most adorable Pink Poodle invites for her daughter's birthday party posted on her blog. She traced the outline of the dog, but all the pen work is free-hand! They are the cutest things. So if you have a little girl and are looking for an idea, check these out. Even if you downloaded the clipart and just added the glitter - totally cute!

Okie doke, ya'll have a great holiday weekend!



Deanna said...
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Deanna said...

oops! Goofed above! Sounds like a great list and off to find some supplies!

Patchi said...

Here is my concoction:


wendipooh13 said...

this was soo fun!! here is mine:

Deanna said...

Here's mine......

"Good Things!"

Molly said...

Love the 5 on Friday!!! Here is mine:

Mona said...

I tried and tried to stick with the constraints of the challenge but I just couldn't do it. it really inspired me though so I thought I'd share any ways