Monday, May 17, 2010

Kick-off the week Monday Challenge

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Here, we had gorgeous weather, well on Sunday anyway. Saturday we enjoyed clouds and cool weather and rain that held off until after the soccer game. My 9 y.o.'s last regular season game was a 3-0 win! Hurray! Now we continue to have practices until the Memorial Day tournaments begin. We only have one bracket set, so it should be fun to see how the other schedule fits in and what kind of chaos will be created.
My daughter's volleyball team had their championship game up in Longmont (45 minutes north of us) where they fought hard, but ultimately took 2nd place in the City, with the closest games they played all season, loosing by only a couple points on both their matches. The photo below shows smiling faces and red, watery eyes.
I also enjoyed a Saturday night of scrapbooking where I completed seven, yes SEVEN, pages! They didn't photo graph well, and then they didn't edit well, but you'll get the idea. I must have had my camera settings off from taking photos at the volleyball game. I also tried to get the Slide function to work, but no go on that too - it must be Monday!

So, on to the first challenge of the week. Bessie's gonna take a break while she deals with the icky effects of early pregnancy and an upcoming move to Florida. She's had great Monday challenges (which I will miss) and I'm sure mine will pale in comparison, but I'll give it a shot anyway. Today, create a layout using your most recent photos with your most recent kit/purchase. Your sketch of the day is from Nuts About Sketches and when I saved it I already had one by this name, but not sure if I actually used it - if I did, well, you're getting it again. :)

Challenges for this week are due, linked up, by Saturday evening.

Hope your day and week is off to a great start!



Deanna said...

So wonderful you got a bunch of great scrapping done, Lori! YAY!

Yes, we have used that sketch before, but I'll see what I can do with it for a different album!

Deanna said...

Here's my version on the sketch along with my latest photos and kit as described on my blog! Thanks for the challenge, Lori! I always tend to put off scrapping sporty photos. LOL

"Play Ball!"

Rebecca K. said...

Done! i just did the left side, i hope that's ok. here's a link to my blog

Melissa said...

Here's mine:

Kailyn said...

Down to the wire again for me, I really need to get on the ball and post these sooner! Here's mine for Monday: