Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hometown: Assignment #5 (Updated)

I totally forgot about this last one. The Week in the Life threw me - I was taking pictures everyday, all over town. I guess I figured I was covered. ;) First there's today's Assignment: Your choice. It could be a scenic overlook in town, the road your drive EVERY day, a shot down mainstreet, the town sign with population and all, a local hangout, old buildings, historic homes, whatever it is that when you look at it or drive by it you know you're home. Since I had totally forgotten about this last challenge, I'll have to update with a photo later. I might be able to shoot one tomorrow morning on the way to church and if the weather cooperates, it should turn out well. UPDATE: This isn't the photo I was hoping to use, but it is one that works. This water tower is in Olde Town and, oddly, can be seen from a lot of places in Arvada.

Second: Using the photos you took this month of the Hometown, create a layout. Both are due May 5th, in the evening. Photobucket


Deanna said...

Here's my photo of the little church that sits at the bottom of our hill. As soon as we see it we know we're nearly home.

Deanna said...

Here's my finished 2-pager of my hometown! Loved all the challenges, Lori!

"My Hometown"

Briel said...

I can't believe that I finished this! I love my spread...not because it is fancy, but because it captures my life at this moment in time. Loved this challenge, and I hope that you do more like this.