Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Really? Snow?

Yes. And it's freezing the blossoms on my May Day tree, and drooping my tulips. Hopefully the lilacs will come away unscathed. You know, I love the snow, but when I have new flowers and green grass - well, I'm done. It can rain all it wants, but NO MORE SNOW. They've been saying if it were cold enough, it would have dumped about two feet on us by now; and it's still coming down. Just finished up the regular craziness of trying to do shipping within the confines of mom-hood, though, actually it was going swimmingly until the older kids came home. Who'd have thought it would be the 1 y.o. that would let me get work done. I just have six little boxes waiting for prizes so they can go out with the rest of them. Which brings me to today's challenge: Create a layout that plenty of white space on it (in honor of all the stinkin' white space being created outside my windows right now.) To help, I've got a sketch for you from Sketchy Thursdays, where white space is done right!

Hope your Thursday is a good one. I am helping with hot lunch in the afternoon (always a fan favorite) and game three in a volleyball tourney right after school. My daughter's team is doing great and are in the semi-finals. Since it looks like snow will keep us out of soccer practices again, that's one less thing to worry about as we head into the final lap with soccer too. Just a tournament away from done for the season. Dang, what will I do?

Have a great day.



Deanna said...

oh NO! Sounds cold there, Lori?!? We've been having rain all week here in Ohio. Rained out a few of DGD's softball games and just wondering if she'll have a game this evening. No rain yet this morning so we'll see!

LOVE that sketch with all the 'white space'!

Kristin - The Fifth Sparrow No More said...

I hat to tell you this but here in Texas it is already 80 degrees and it is only nine o'clock in the morning! I will get almost to 90 degrees before the day is up. I'll send you some warm vibes! And thank you for your sweet comments on my card!

Melissa said...

It was tough, but I made it a double-layout.

Patchi said...

It's hard to keep it white in Florida, but here is my take on the Challenge:

Deanna said...

Here's mine based on that wonderful sketch by Sketchy Thursdays!

'Hope for Tomorrow!'

Kailyn said...

This was my first Challenge attempt, so we'll see how it goes!