Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Croppy Summer #13

As I sat a few nights ago, in my magazine reading space, it occurred to me that I don't have a magazine that is in its original crisp, pristine state. It's one of my favorite things - a new, never opened magazine - all smooth and fresh and waiting to be curled up with. Yet they don't stay that way - crisp and smooth, that is. Instead, I have stacks that are warped. Splattered. Curled. Why? Because I read my magazines during tub-time; the only time I have to read.

So, what, do I splash a lot in my bath? Nope. And in one of life's exclamation points, as I sat reading the other night, a stream of water came flying over the edge of the tub; thin and high arching. Making a direct bee-line for my open, soon-to-be-once-pristine magazine. The stream hit smack in the middle of the pages and splattered like fireworks. Covering both pages. Little drops of water both soaking in and rolling off the pages. It was one of those slow motion things I saw coming out of the corner of my eye. For a split second, as I saw the liquid curl toward my new magazine, I thought, "that's not water." Luckily, it was. It was just a cup of water quickly flung by the 1 y.o., who is in the tub that is beside my magazine reading space. He swiveled around with a full cup of water - so goes another pristine magazine. The 1 y.o. total oblivious as he continues to frolic about in the water, finding amusement in the splashing, the cups overflowing as he pours water in them, and the drip of the faucet. And me and my poor, soaked magazine try to find our peace. And a towel.

So, for your challenge today: crumple, tear, antique or otherwise distress something on your layout. Remember, this is a short week, with items due on the 22nd.

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