Monday, July 26, 2010

My Croppy Summer Assignment #17 - Christmas in July

Christmas Day. Regardless of when you open presents, by the end of the day there are boxes and wrapping paper and ribbon and all manner of those stupid little twist ties and plastic clips all over the house. And we won't mention those candy wrappers and flakes of sugar or slivers of candy canes on the floors as well. But there's also the fond memories of Christmases Past and the photos from the current day's activities. Today's Assignment, while it's not the 25th, I know the mess at my house can still be found on the 26th (sigh), is to use scraps only on your layout. Scraps of paper; no full sheets, since seldom can a full sheet of wrapping paper be found after a Christmas present unwrapping bonanza (unless you have one of those "this is too pretty to tear", kind of people), no length of ribbon longer than 12", mismatched buttons and brads, etc.; this is all about using some scraps. This along with all the rest of the Christmas in July layouts are due on the 31st.

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Deanna said...

Wonderful challenge using only scraps! I love using my papers right down to the shreddies. Also used a mix of alphas and buttons. Added my link, "Oh So Pretty!"