Monday, July 5, 2010

My Croppy Summer Assignment #5

How was your fourth? Hot and dry? Cool and wet? Sticky and humid and hot? Whatever the weather, I hope you enjoyed are sparkler-y good time. Here? Woke up to clouds rolling in and some humidity that would only get worse. After church we headed out to a soccer game for my 11 y.o. son. Unfortunately this last of three games for the weekend was a blow-out. But he got to play a position he doesn't usually and seemed to enjoy himself (blisters and all.) I think he was more disappointed he wasn't selected for the All Star Team. And being the good mom, I was disappointed for him; I know what that would have meant to him. However, I looked up at the quickly graying skies and felt the humidity thicken on my skin and looked for the silver lining in the situation - we wouldn't be stuck out at the fields for another three hours and could go home to enjoy dinner and fireworks. We walked into a house that was filled with the smell of the BBQ sauce on the country ribs I'd tossed in the crock-pot before we left - on the chance that Tom could have had that last game and we wouldn't be home until after 6:30. But I had company coming at 5:00 and a house that looked like the people who live in it left in some sort of mad rush - dishes everywhere, toys strewn about like some mini tornado had touched down and a kitchen in grave disarray. But I pulled it together and we sat down and enjoyed the ribs, assorted sides and Apple Cobbler (I don't make pies) made by my daughter. Yum! Had a huge downpour just as company was leaving and the kids couldn't resist. Out they want to run like maniacs in the rain (and it was cold!) and splash in the gutters. What is it about a rain-filled gutter that's irresistible? You just gotta splash around, or at least walk in it. Got some great shots of the crazies enjoying their storm. Rounded them up to change into warm, dry clothes and loaded up in the car to head down to the fireworks. We had taken one of our cars down earlier to save a spot, but with the off and on rain storms that rolled through all afternoon, I don't know that we needed to do that his year. Everyone was warm and cozy in the car while we waited for the show to start and another rain storm rolled through. Got some great "car shots" of Tom & Jack playing tic-tac-toe on a giant beach towel (that is actually the tic-tac-toe board and has large plastic shapes) in the back of the mini van, Kallene and DH playing chess on her Nook and Matthew pretty much roaming around the confines of the car or hanging over the seat to watch his brothers. In those moments, where we're squished up together, nobody's fighting or complaining and we're tucked in cozy in the car - life is good. Started raining harder during the fireworks, but who cares by then. DH, Kallene and Tom stepped out of the car to watch, while Jack, Matt and I stayed in. Matt watched a few burst into the sky, stopped and looked around when the "Boom" came and said "uh-oh" but otherwise was more interested in sitting in the driver's seat and messing with the buttons on the dash. Came home to enjoy some ice cream treats DH had bought to take with us, but forgot at home. It was another one of those cozy moments. So now here we are at Monday - a day off for many :) I have today's challenge and last week's winner. First - the winner, right? I mean why put it off. You would like to know now, I'm sure. I do have to say, that I love the InLinkz (big THANKS to Melanie for her suggestion to use it!) and I understand that you all love it as well. HURRAY! Where was I? Oh, yes, the winner from last week is: Linda R. Congrats -your prize will be included with your next kit shipment. A note about prizes: if you're a member of Apron Strings Autoship I'll ship your prizes to-date with your kits, if you are not, I will be doing the mailings at the end of "My Croppy Summer." Okay, finally - if you've read this far you are hereby Knighted. Today's challenge is inspired by the basics of our craft - trimmer, scissors, adhesive and pens. Create a layout that only uses paper; patterned or cardstock or both. You can cut, shape, punch, stamp or emboss whatever you wish from your paper, but no other items are allowed. This is a great time to use up scraps or perhaps papers you keep passing over since there's no pressure to find embellishments to match. Deadline for links will, again be Sunday evening. Remember weekly drawings are based on getting all assignments for the week done. However, at the end of "My Croppy Summer" there will be a drawing done for all those who participated - one entry per challenge completed. Have a great start to your week!


LindaR said...

What fun! I have a SWEET box coming!!
I'm enjoying looking forward to the challenges being posted.

Guess how I enjoyed the fireworks?
Sleeping! Had to be at work at 5 am today.
Good thing there's no little ones that missed out 'cause of me.

Deanna said...

Added my link above, "Dream Big!"

girlyscrapper said...

Okay, I know I told you, Lori, that I wasn't going to do this one, but then I decided to give it a try. That was hard for me - I like my embellishments!