Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Croppy Summer Assignment #6

I took yesterday off, even though I shouldn't have, and played yesterday with my sister. I completed the two layouts below. Both are assignments from my Big Picture class - so I'm only two behind, which for me is great. Now there is something special about the second layout - at least for me the "safe-stay-on-the-page scrapper." One of the assignments was to basically "go arty" with paint -- SOOOO not my style, I can't even tell you. Paint is for chipboard buttons, not to be flicked on the page. But I liked the look and ease of what she talked about, but really didn't feel like messing with paint. But she said something about mists and I thought, "Hey, I have those and have never used them." And so here you go -- I misted the cardstock for both pages and built my layout on it. So totally easy I can't tell you. I really liked the look of it when it was all said and done, too. I also used the mist on the chip banners. I used Red Maya Mist, which is on the Apron Strings website. If you've never tried them, after using them myself, I have to say they are really fun, super easy (really, don't be intimidated) and they dry quickly, even the chipboard, so you're not waiting around with a half finished layout. No more excuses, if you're one of those scrappers like me who plays safe - it's time to break out, at least every once in a while; it's energizing. I mean, if I can. . .YOU can!

Today, incorporate the following PageMap onto your layout - betcha thought I was gonna say use paint! LOL. This layout, along with the others from this week are due Sunday evening.

Have a happy Tuesday.

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Deanna said...

Love those Circle PageMaps and added the link to my layout, "You Are 1!"