Friday, August 13, 2010

My Croppy Summer Assignment #27

Busy week. Time flies. But seriously, I didn't think it'd been so long between posts. I still don't believe it.

Have you been following the FREE class at Elle's Studio Blog? Remember the one where you can enter to win an Apron Strings goodies because AS is one of the sponsors over there. You can leave your comment HERE. Apron Strings will be sponsor-for-a-day on the 21st, check in then for sure ;) Let's show some love over there. The class has been really great so far - I love reading all the different ways, techniques and tips for capturing your words. It's definitely got me thinking. Check out all the guests and their ideas HERE.

The other Freebie I'm partaking in is the Big Picture Scrapbook Big Idea Festival - 13 days, 13 designers, 39 projects! So far, it's a nice mish-mash of ideas and projects. Plus it's FREE! Some fun stuff to do with kids, or start a new tradition with. I like it, you get a nice taste of things. Check it out HERE.

Friday. End of the week. Big tourney weekend here. First game was at 5:00 tonight - tied it, though they should have one (isn't that what all parents say?) They really should have though - a missed penalty kick. We'll have two more games tomorrow and championships will play Sunday. So that's my weekend. I do have a layout I'd like to do for the Big Picture Festival - we'll see how that goes.

Hmmm . . .so an end of the week assignment. I think it's time to use that end-of-the-line paper that you've been holding on to. You know the stuff. You bought it to use for those photos. Now those photos are already scrapbooked, with other paper, and you're still holding the paper. But you love that paper, and it's off the shelves now, you can't get more, so you're saving it. Nope. Today that ends. You're using it with other photos - perfect or imperfect. While you're at it use the end-of-the-roll ribbon and those last few buttons and those chipboard pieces you have sitting there. You can have other items, but try to use what you know you can't get any more.

Have a great weekend!

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