Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Croppy Summer Photo Assignment #5

No matter how nice you like your house to look, the organization that goes on, the cleaning that takes place, there are always those areas that you'd simply like to burn. The bane-of-your--existence-thank-god-there's-doors-so-I-can-close-it spaces. I have a few door-closed spaces. But then I have one or two that are open to the eyes of everyone. Like this. . . the dreaded toy corner. What is the deal with toddler toys? They're bulky, they're big and they seem to multiply on their own overnight. And how did I do this when the older three were all toddlers? I mean, really, where did I keep three kids' stuff? 'Cause it wasn't in this corner!

So your assignment - go be brave. Photograph the area(s) of your home you try to keep a secret to the world.

This is the last photo assignment. Now it's time to turn the photos you took into a layout about your house and home. The layout is due August 20th.

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