Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Croppy Summer Assignment #31

Full Moon, take 2. The walk. We made it to the destination we were headed to last night - Olde Town. If it had been a little earlier and it wasn't the first, official school night, we'd have walked around a little more. Nonetheless we walked, I took photos and we made it to our destination. Scrumptious. The local candy-homemade-ice-cream-shoppe.

A shot down the walk. All late-1800, early-1900 facades filled with little shops, a narrow street and wide pathways. Strip out the asphalt for dirt and the concrete for wood and not much has changed.

Bathed in the glow of the neon signs (okay so a few things have changed) I managed to drag the kids' view from the goodies beyond the window to me long enough to snap a shot. Then it was look out, stampede ahead with bee-lines straight for the buckets, baskets and tables filled with all manner of childhood candies (both mine and theirs - Mallow Cup anyone?)

So with our little jaunt in mind and the creamy-chewy homemade chocolate ice cream still fresh in my memory, create today's layout with a vintage, homemade "flavor." This, along with the other assignments this week are due on Sunday. "My Croppy Summer" also wraps up. If you haven't had a chance to play, or keep "meaning" to, now's your chance. Because on top of the weekly drawing, I'll be drawing a name from all those who did anything for the grand prize. Happy, hot, first-day-back-to-school.


Francine said...

Cool pics Lori! Nice to see your 13y.o. didn't have her hand in front of her face this time! What a nice looking bunch of kids you have.

Lori said...

Thanks Francine :) Her face is much nicer to look at than her hand.