Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Croppy Summer Assignment #29

A strong showing by the boys over the weekend. Loosing their first game on Friday night, made Saturday night's game a must win to: 1) make the semi-finals on Sunday morning and 2) be able to spend the night down in the Springs. So, Saturday, it's just me and the boys and a trip in a car filled with anticipation mostly, I think, because we packed overnight bags for the "just in case."

With the need to win, and win big (we needed at least 6 points), in their heads, the boys played an awesome game and pulled out a 2-0 win (9 points!). Next up, a jaunt to an Old Chicago nearby afterwards - how I ever managed to make it anywhere in pre-GPS days is beyond me - for some pizza for the kids and beer for the adults! I used to think my 13 y.o. daughter and her friends were loud - and they are, but a team of 11 y.o. boys, celebrating a win and pulling out a semi-final game and well. . .they're no match for girls of any age! We made it back to the hotel for 20 minutes of swimming - isn't that the point of staying in a hotel when you're a kid, is to check out the room and swim in the pool?

Hubby and daughter made the trip down to join us late Saturday night, so Sunday dawns with all of us trooping down to grab breakfast and then head back out to the fields. The boys played hard against a team that was, last season, two levels higher than our boys, but they lost 5-0. It was a great little getaway and I think, even with the loss, we all enjoyed the time.

School for us should have started yesterday, but some delays at the school have us starting on Thursday instead. The start of school brings the "end" of summer, and so too, the end of the "My Croppy Summer." We'll finish out the week, do a regular drawing for the week and then a grand prize from all those who played over the summer.

Today's challenge is based on inspiration from this weekend's getaway: Start with recent photos, add some black & white and some splashes of colors in the embellishments. This layout, along with any others, will be due on Sunday.

Oh, and if you're looking for some sketch inspiration, check out Sassy Lil' Sketches. Great sketches (which we l-o-v-e), just check out the ones for today. . .BUT. . .Apron Strings is also sponsoring their blog hop going on this week. How easy would that be - use today's challenge and a Sassy sketch, link up here, link up there and get a shot at winning? Easy-peasy! She also has other chances to win, so check them out!

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