Monday, January 24, 2011


My home is finally a "Christmas-Free" zone.  Yes, that means I have taken down the tree.  Finally.  The rest of the stuff has been gathered and taken down over the last couple weeks.  Doesn't mean all the ornaments are back in the storage room, but they're getting there.  It also doesn't mean that I won't be cleaning some day soon and find an errant ornament, decoration or other Christmas bauble laying around, that I'll have to tuck somewhere for when it all gets dragged out later this year.  But it's down, if not completely out.

We get to enjoy Patchi's final layout for this month - using the Crate Snow Day papers from the Smaller than a Breadbox kit.  I love the flowers, made from the polka-dot papers.  Very cute!  You can continue to be inspired by Patchi's work on her blog HERE.  Thanks for a great month of inspiration, Patchi!!

So for today's challenge, let's draw inspiration from Patchi's layout - I can only look at Pottery Barn-beauty so long before my own surrounds look severely anemic and wanting.  Plus, Patichi's layout's too fun not to use - colors, handmade embellishments, layout, you name it.  Pick something or many things and run with it.

Share it by Sunday.  Note - thumbnails of your uploads are now a "pay for" feature of InLinkz, so I'm looking for another link service.

Have a great Monday,

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Deanna said...

Wonderful 2-pager, Patchi and great idea for the challenge today!

Lori, thanks for letting us know about the link service. I thought I had linked it up wrong somehow!