Monday, January 31, 2011

Crops, Pages, December Daily and Monday's Challenge

Monday.  Last day of January.  Can you believe it?  It's as dead and brown here as it ever was.  While the rest of the west (and east for that matter) gets dumped on, we are high and dry.  Cold - flippin' frigid actually - but no white stuff.  High tomorrow, a whopping 1 degree! 

On Friday one of my sisters blew the "who wants to crop" whistle, which I had been thinking about heading out to do all week, I just never made the call to reserve my spot.  So on a whim, with 2 hours to get dinner together for those I left behind, grab some supplies (gotta love kits for that reason alone!) and off I went - without a clue as to what I was going to work on, even though I had jammed all sorts of things in my bag.

Little side note - I love walking into a crop with my one shoulder tote that holds all I need for that night; cutting tools, pens, a couple punches, a fistful of kits and photos pulled to match.  It takes me two minutes to get to work (okay two hours and two minutes, there's the whole "let's go get something to eat," some catch-up chatting and the obligatory walk around the store) and at the end of the night two minutes to pack up, with one trip to the car.  

Once I finally settle into work, I decided to work on my December Daily.  The kit was a KI Memories kit, with an album.  One of those "I'm not sure what I'll use this for, but it's too cute to pass up" purchases.  Turns out it's the perfect thing for my Dec. Daily for 2010.  I did nine pages - yes, one has no photos and there are several that need filler-photos, but hey, nine pages!!  You'll see them below - I think I made it to about day 19 or 20.  I also determined that 12x12 is NOT a size I will use again for a December Daily project.  For the type of project it is, for me, it really needs to be a smaller album - 6x6 or 8x8.

So, with those nine pages I think that about covers me for the part of my 2011 goals that has me completing a page a month.  Feels good.  The downside is I always leave a crop wishing I could just continue cropping away.

Let's see what can I give you so that you get at least one page done this month?  Drawing from my own cropping, complete a layout about last year's Christmas season.  It can be anything you did during the month of December.  Upload your link by Sunday evening.

I'm off to tackle the "getting my house in order portion" of my 2011 goals by doing my chores.

Happy Monday.


JLP said...

Nine pages! Jeez, I am a little jealous! Thanks for the suggestion!

Molly said...

Wow, that is a lot of pages Lori! I just got this one done this week. I loved jumping ahead and scrapbooking last Christmas, it made me feel caught up, eventhough that really is not the case!!! I had to finish this page one-eyed as I suffered a pretty bad eye injury on Friday and had a patch over my right eye all weekend. So, the journaling is in pencil so that I can finalize it in pen once I can see a little better. I used a sketch from UmWowStudio for the page, and I love how it turned out! Thanks for the challenge!