Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Many Things, Little Time

You know one of these days I'll actually look at a calendar when I plan things.  Well, I do look at a calendar, maybe what I should say is THINK about what's actually happening on the calendar.  Case in point - Blog Hop.  Running it over billing/shipping days probably not so smart, even though it was super fun anyway.

The turn out was fantastic.  It sounds like everyone had fun going around to see the new Sous Chefs and their awesome work and collecting tons of inspiration and the phrases that pay.  Hurray!!

I had truly intended to post at least one challenge on Sunday, but . . . billing happened.  My plan was to pull names for Blog Hop prizes bright and early Monday morning but the chaos that is the four days of billing and shipping was in full swing.

Had meant to post Guest Designer Patchi's latest work of art using January's kit. . .well you get the idea.  Note to self - those little numbers on the calendar are there for a reason.  Pay attention!!

So, here we are at Wednesday.  It's flippin' cold.  Snow and ice cover pretty much everything.  I've done my time at school serving hot lunch.  I have one basketball game behind me and two still in front of me.  I'm up to my neck in shipping.  And I'm not gonna think about the end-of-the-year stuff that needs doing.  But there are anxious people who hopped all weekend and now want to know if they are winners. And let's face it, that's far more fun anyway (well, except for basketball games where I get to watch my boys finally, FINALLY, sink their shots!  woohoo).  I decided to draw two names for two calendars:
  • Winner #1 Mary Hickory
  • Winner #2 Mvasquez69 (I'll need you to send me your shipping information so I can get your calendar out to you.)
A few great layouts posted during the challenges - not sure what happened to the thumbnails, I'll have to check that the next time.  But we have a winner:
  • Briel
Now, Patchi (aka Patricia Moussatche), you can check out her blog HERE, has shown us great examples she's created with the January Smaller than a Breadbox.  Here are two super cut, yet super easy cards.  Love the stitching!

For those of you who won and are an Apron Strings Member, I'll be shipping goodies with your kits.  For those who aren't members . . . why the heck not ;). . .I'll get your goodies out later this week.

Thanks everyone who hopped along; might have to do that again later this year.  Now, I've got a dinner to get together and homework that needs overseeing and a mailman to make unhappy tomorrow.  Catch you later.



Briel said...

Yeah! I always love winning! I love playing along even more. You are the best. I'm looking forward to this year with all of the Sous Chefs. I get to go scrapping next weekend with a excited!

JLP said...

Congrats to all the winners! After the card examples, I cannot wait for my January kit!!! So excited! THANKS!

Amy C said...

Congrats to the winners!!

Great cards Patchi!! Thanks for joining us!!