Friday, March 4, 2011

Birthday Party Day #4

"Bake" your layout based on the cake choices you made yesterday.

Cake base:
  • Vanilla - White or Kraft cardstock
  • Chocolate - Dark Brown cardstock
  • Marble - Cardstock of your choice
  • Yellow - Yellow or Cream cardstock
  • Carrot - Orange cardstock
  • Cherry - patterned paper with red
  • Strawberry - patterned paper with dots or circles
  • Fudge - patterned paper with lines or stripes
  • Coconut Cream - patterned paper with a summer theme
  • Caramel - patterned paper with an autumn them
  • Boston Cream - patterned paper with plaid
  • Mandarin Orange Cream - patterned paper flowers

  • Buttercream - Buttons
  • Whippy Vanilla - Chipboard
  • Cream Cheese - Metal
  • Chocolate - Ribbon
  • Berry - Brads
  • Lemon - Acrylic/Epoxy
  • Orange - Blossoms
  • Icing Lettering - Rub-on Alphabet
  • Fresh Fruit - Paint
  • Figurines - Stitching
  • Candied Lettering - Bling
  • Rice Paper Image - Stickers
Go cook up your next layout using the ingredients you picked.  You can use other items, but your picked cake pieces need to be included.


Unknown said...

Oh wow! Paint!! Hmmm ... ok, challenge accepted!

Patchi said...

Orange cardstock is fun!

Unknown said...

I put my choices comment under my husband's sign-in, it's Stewart! Sorry for confusing the issue. Must ban my husband from my laptop.

Unknown said...

Oh heck. I thought I'd chose Fudge filling but I actually chose Coconut Cream! Please forgive me!

Deanna said...

Wahoo! All caught up! This was really FUN and found out I NEED some Fall papers!

I used the following for my yummy cake...
Chocolate (Dark Brown CS)
Caramel (Autumn Theme pp)
Buttercream (Buttons)
Fresh Fruit (Paint)

"Perfect Fall Day"

Francine said...

Great layouts everyone. I was hoping that I might get to this one, but didn't get the chance after all :-(

Molly said...

Almost forgot to list my supplies:

Vanilla cake: kraft cardstock
Strawberry: Sassafrass border strip with dots
Buttercream: buttons
Fruit: paint on the chipboard banners and part of the title