Friday, March 18, 2011

Birthday Party Week #2 Winner and More

Tonight's the big night for my daughter.  She and her class have been working since December on the 8th grade play; a tradition for the outgoing 8th grade (one of many actually.)  She's the stage manager, in charge of all things and people back-stage.  They had their dress rehearsal yesterday and it sounds like it went well, she was pleased and, you could tell, relived that one performance was down.  Parents looking to record the play were in attendance for the dress rehearsal.  Today they'll put the play on for the rest of the school and then tonight's the big night for everyone else to see it.  We're looking for a place to go to grab some dessert afterwards - need to do a little searching around Old Town to see who's open and what they offer dessert-wise.

I also sat down last night to write my daughter a letter that will be given to her during her 8th grade retreat next week.  She and her classmates will head up to the mountains for three days to celebrate their transition on to High School, enjoy the bonds they've created during the last nine years and, from the sounds of it, recognize who they are, what gifts they have and celebrate that, as well.  The letter was tough.  I'm not good at the writing thing, so I hope it conveys the beauty I see in her and the gift that she is to me.  Her dad wrote one too and I'm dying to know what he wrote, but neither of us shared what we wrote.  Other than the, "how many pages do you have?" we didn't discuss it all.

On to other celebrations - like a winner for Week #2 challenges.  29 layouts in all.  That's 60 layouts done in just two weeks.  That's an album's worth of layouts!  Holy moly, awesome work.  Take a browse through them and gather your own inspiration from them. selected Briel as the winner from last week.  To win the weekly challenge, just play along.  To be eligible for the grand prize you do need to do all the layouts and have them uploaded by the deadlines posted for each.

And because it's a birthday party, I've selected two winners from those who are followers:
  1. Angela6724588
  2. Piali
Angela and Piali, contact me at with your shipping information so I can send out a little something for you.

If you haven't seen, today it's blossoms, bling and metal (you know all things a girl loves to get on her birthday) and it's on sale for 50% off - today only.  Check out the Blue Plate Special section to see them all.


Kristin - The Fifth Sparrow No More said...

Congratulations to the winners! And Lori as for the letter. No matter what you said or didn't say the letter will be special to her.

Deanna said...

Congrats everyone! :)

Briel said...

Yeah! I'm a winner! I love playing, and it's also fun to win now and then. Lori, I continue to be amazed by all you do. That letter will be a treasure.