Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #23

There are colors that I L.O.V.E and then there are colors that I love. . .on paper; in theory.  Ones that I can't seem to work with in real life.  It's kinda like me and tea.  I love the idea of tea.  I even love the smell of it brewing.  Then I take a sip and . . . yeah, not so much.  I don't taste the lovely oranges, or cherries or whatever, that  I smelled.  Instead, I get a mouthful of warm grass water.  Suddenly those images of a cozy scene, wrapped in a sweater gazing out a snow filled window are gone.

This is one of those color schemes.  They are lovely.  Soft.  Serene.  Chatterbox had a line that used this color scheme.  It was in a kit back in the day.  I even used the line.  Loved the layout I created, but since then, I've struggled to use these.  So my first shot at today's Pin-spiration (from Apron Strings' Color Theory board) would be to just use the colors.  Next I'd move into the dew drops and look for sheer or transparent stuff - ribbon, acrylic, frames.  The dew drops along the edges of the petals look like a scalloped edge.  Just the tips of the flowers having colorswould make me want to reach for mists or stamp pads to ink with.  I even think of, like the flower itself, mostly White layout with embellishments in the colors.

Yesterday was totally crazy. . .totally.  So I didn't make it down to check out the name of the Pink Paislee goodies.  I'll get to that tonight.  Layouts are due on Sunday - enter once for your chance, or get on a creative roll and do more to up your chances.

Happy Wednesday,


Deanna said...

I struggle with using yellows, but I'm thinking of an Authentique line that would work well for this.

Deanna said...

Added my link and details are on my blog.