Thursday, November 8, 2012

Apathy Thursday and Rake Up #6

Or maybe I'm just tired.  Either way, I'm not really feeling like doing anything (yes, I know.  Quite the 180 from yesterday.  I think the election results took a toll.)  I need to do my knitting for tonight's class - I had to pull out all my work because I not only knitted on the wrong side, but I used my trailing yarn to knit with - instead of yarn from the ball.  So I have three more row to knit and purl - I think.  I hope. 

Today's Rake Up inspiration comes from. . .you guessed it, Pinterest.  I did not pin this one, but it is from a Board I follow.  How cute are these?  Simple. And I would expect relatively easy to make, even with sewing on the sequins, buttons and beads.  Fun little ornaments to include on your Christmas cards (maybe not the bulk of them, but to special folks on your list), or attached to Christmas packages, or even on the plates of home-baked goodies you dole out to family, friends and/or neighbors.  These little trees hold a world of inspiration if layouts and cards are on your Rake Up list.

If you haven't left your list of Rake Up Goals and you want to take part, you can leave your comment attached to the post HERE. I am reading them and looking for ways to help you complete your lists.

Note: As you complete your projects, leave a comment under any Rake Up post sharing what you completed. If you've got a photo to share, include the link.

I'm off to wander aimlessly and then curse that I accomplished nothing today.

Happy Thursday.


Donna Nuce said...

I laughed out loud when I read about your knitting fiasco! I am a terrible knitter and I empathize with your knitting trials. Did you know we are members of the same church. Look us up in the directory under Geron (I use my maiden name)!

Lori said...

LOL, then you would have been rolling on the floor at class last night. There are times I feel like I'm knitting with Silly String.

And, no kidding on the church! At first I thought, how does she know where I go. . .duh! LOL kinda slapped a big photo up on the blog (head slapping moment.) I'll have to go check out the directory. ;)