Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Already. . .Rake Up #15

I hope everyone here in the states enjoyed their Thanksgiving feasts, time spent with family and/or friends and recalling all we have been blessed with.
We spent the day in our house, enjoying a dinner with just the six of us; turkey and all the fixings.  We did crawl out of the cozy recesses of our home to have dessert with hubby's family, but retreated quickly to return to play a rousing game of Pictionary, boys vs. girls, and then enjoying some popcorn and Blazing Saddles.  It was as perfect a day as I could imagine.
The rest of the weekend was equally pleasant.  House stayed in pretty good shape considering everyone was home.  I made some decent in-roads on my to-do and Rake Up lists.  I not only printed my 2011 December Daily photos, but I completed the album.  Can I get a "WOOHOO!"
Let's see, what does that leave on my own list?  Take 12 related items - haven't printed any more photos or done a layout.  Christmas Cards.  "Joy" decor.  My knitting project - our little group decided to continue meeting on Thursday evenings, so I need to get to a point where someone can help me finish the hat.  I have signed up for a workshop that starts on Sunday.  Would like to have the first project off the needles before I start the next.
Since we're in the home stretch for our Rake Up November lists, and I'm on a decent roll myself, I've uncovered some simple paper ornaments (originally found on Pinterest.)  Easy and quick - perfect for kids.  These would be cute using scraps, glitter papers, vellum (remember that stuff?), different sizes.  Hang them on a tree, make them small and put them on bare branches, make them larger and hang them by windows or group them mobile-style.  Shoot you could even hook them end-to-end to make a garland.  And those little grommets - you could totally use eyelets - REMEMBER THOSE - or just go without.

Note: As you complete your projects, leave a comment under any Rake Up post sharing what you completed. If you've got a photo to share, include the link.

I am still holding out hope to get a few more items off my Rake Up list.  Stay tuned.
Happy Monday,


Donna Nuce said...

You've been busy! I got my Christmas cards done and now am working on a banner for my daughter's graduation from college in 3 weeks!

Briel said...

WOO HOO! Lori, your 2011 December Daily is awesome! That is a huge accomplishment. Are you doing it this year too?

Fun to see your kids getting so much bigger. Wow!

Lori said...

Donna, congrats on your daughter's upcoming graduation! How exciting. I'd love to see the banner when you're finished!

Lori said...

Briel, thanks! I feel good about having it done. And I am doing it again this year. I combine December Daily with Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas because she also provides photo prompts with your journaling prompts.

I need to ride this wave to complete something for my Take 12 project! ;)