Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rake Up #4

Donna Nuce is a participant in Rake Up and has caught up on her card making class.  Hurray!  Have a look if you need some inspiration for your own list or are looking for Holiday Card ideas.

I, myself, kept plugging along yesterday and printed out two more months of my Take 12.  The hard part, I think, is going to be making the layouts.  I have a Doodlebug 8x8 album with pocket pages, but I suppose I could always just make traditional 8x8 layouts too.  Outside of Project Life, I haven't used pocket pages. . .has anyone?  Do you go in with a plan or just whatever works with the photos you have?

Rake Up #4 - Like a lot of us, Alison wants to reorganize her space.  It's a good thing to haul it all out, get your hands on your older stuff and then decide to keep or give it away.  A few weeks ago I came across a link on a blog about organizing your space.  I'll post all the tips she had, but here's her first.  Ask yourself:  "How hard is it to get another one? I’ve met crafters who keep every piece of paper-based detritus that passes through their hands, from straw wrappers to receipts to bar coasters. But tomorrow will likely bring more receipts, more straw wrappers, more bar coasters. So it’s okay to let something go if you can easily track down another. GeralinThomas, professional organizer

Now when reorganizing you have to think about storage and work flow.  So for that, and for those who are working on crafting special projects or cards and layouts, y'all have this, from Apron Strings' Studio Spaces Board.  I love this photo - the colors, the style, it's just YUM for me.  The idea for craft projects?  Red and white color scheme, or vintage, or farmhouse-style, or distressed.  The idea for you re-organizers?  Think about what you love.  What inspires you.  Maybe a vintage bowl or two is a better option to hold your buttons and ribbons.  Maybe recovered chipboard drawers in your favorite colors is an option for stamps, paints and tools.  This photo is to remind you to work with what you love.

I've got some serious knitting to do, since I did none yesterday and class is tonight.  Meanwhile, my sister has almost finished her project.  Overachiever. . . ;P
Happy Tuesday,

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