Friday, November 9, 2012

I'll have the Billing Day Scramble and a Side of Rake Up #7

WooHoo it's Friday.  All my boys have the day off.  My daughter doesn't - we don't ask her how happy this makes her.  I dropped off my 14 y.o. at school to help decorate for the Crystal Ball - a big fundraiser for their school - that takes place tomorrow night.  The younger two are up playing MineCraft.  My daughter has a "lock-in" tonight at church.  We have the weekly Friday-night In-Law dinner.  The 14 y.o. wants a couple friends over to celebrate his birthday.  AND IT'S BILLING DAY - always fun. 
I managed to cruise through my morning activities which included rewashing dishes straight out of the dishwasher - we don't ask her how happy this makes her.   Now I'm down here trying to figure out where to start.  I hate having so much in front of me that I just sort of spin, instead of complete.
I certainly don't want you spinning today.  So for today's Rake Up inspiration, we have this peek at Maria Swiatkowski's layout, using the November Smaller than a Breadbox kit - the Authentique Thankful line (it is so pretty, the pictures just don't do it justice.)  This little snippet has a ton to inspire you:  the raw texture of the jute (great for card makers, scrapbookers or banner makers), the punched border - got punches languishing, the colors - rich and so fall-y, the kraft tag (tags are a great piece for making bulk cards-stamp or print the sentiment, add a little embellishment, a bit of ribbon and apply to the front of your card.  Boom. Done.)  Even the little maples leaves - again hanging from a banner, a shape to use on your place-cards, or to incorporate into your next layout.
If you haven't left your list of Rake Up Goals and you want to take part, you can leave your comment attached to the post HERE. I am reading them and looking for ways to help you complete your lists.  And you just never know when I may select a name and reward your accomplishments ;)  I'm kooky that way.

Note: As you complete your projects, leave a comment under any Rake Up post sharing what you completed. If you've got a photo to share, include the link.

I think I need to start by cleaning up down here. . .what the heck has been going on - it looks like a Lego bomb went off.  Dang.  The clutter strewn around is partly to blame for my inability to concentrate.  Best to deal with it first.

Happy Friday.

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Deanna said...

Trying to do some catching up on the challenges this week! My computer died (ugh!). I've been scrapping while DH has been setting up a new one. He's my HERO!

Here's my link using the colors and theme for inspiration.