Thursday, February 21, 2013

Love Your Stash - Day 14

Hurray for the snow.  Except the having to drive in it part.  But still. . .hurray.  It's always interesting to me to watch a storm roll in here.  This snow was rolling up from the south and then in along the eastern plains. I could see the bank of clouds to the south and east getting darker grey and boiling up as the storm inched closer.  As I picked up the kids there were reports on the radio that the snow was starting to drift down.  By the time I had all four in the car the "drifting" part wasn't so much drifting as it was driving.  The clouds and snow obscured the view of the foothills to the south, you couldn't see downtown Denver anymore and even just a few hundred yards down the road disappeared into the white.  By the time I was returning home, after taking my daughter to see a boy, the roads were icing and cars were dragging along bumper-to-bumper at barely 2 mph.  If I hadn't missed my on-ramp and headed east for two and a half miles (aka 20 minute drive to turn back around and another 30 minutes to get back to my starting palace) I'd have probably arrived home 30 minutes earlier.  But home we arrived, you know, just as there's a break in the snow bands.   

Today's inspiration comes from Maria Swiatkowski (who it looks like needs some well deserved Kudos for having a layout picked up by Scrapbook Update!  Go Maria!) using her February Smaller than a Breadbox kit - the Fancy Pants line.  I love how she cut the calendar paper to create the fun border on the left side of her page.   This would never have occurred to me!

Looking at Maria's layout had me thinking about color - the colors in this Fancy Pants line are yummy - I love the ice teal.  But it also made me think about colors I struggle to use.  Purple is one.  Yellow is another.  I can use this golden shade of yellow.  But Purple?  Not so much.  Because of that I tend to have Purple papers in my stash, unless I've made the connection to the stack of purple and my inability to use it and put them in the giveaway box.  

Today's Love Your Stash challenge is to take a good look at your papers and find those whose colors you struggle with. Dig them out and give them a try on your layout, card or other project.  If you fall madly in love with them, move the to the top of the stack.  If, eh, you've used them and can't see using them again. . .move 'em on out!

Links in the comments are due Sunday evening.

Happy Thursday,

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