Friday, February 8, 2013

Love Your Stash - Day 5

So far today I have done nothing, save getting dressed and making my bed.  This is becoming a disturbing trend in my Fridays.  I need to get moving on something before I get to 2:30 (kid-gathering time) and realize I won't have down time until well after dinner.  We host my in-laws twice a week for dinner, and so I don't get my usual downtime those nights until generally 8:00 or later. 

It's not like I have come to Friday and completed all that needs doing for the week.  Hardly.  Case-in-point:  I have one sock that needs about five more inches knitted to it before tomorrow's 10 am class.  I have a party for our 16 y.o. tomorrow night and have nothing planned to feed the masses.  I have dinner to fix for tonight  (at least I'm still doing my weekly menus) and need something for dessert since we'll have family game night after dinner.  So, yeah, there's plenty that needs doing.

In case you are suffering similar can't-get-going-itis, today's Love Your Stash challenge is to gather up an Apron Strings kit and use it 'til there's nothing left.  If that means two layouts, or cards galore, or a mix of layout and cards, so be it.  Use it 'til the last drop button!  If you don't have an Apron Strings kit, gather a supply of three patterned papers, two sheets of cardstock and a handful of embellishments; whatever you pull together you need to use up.  By all means, in either case, if you need extra cardstock or a few other embellishments to complete the projects, dig them out and use them.

I did find a super cute set of papers, Princess, from AdornIt (Carolee's Creations).  Folks who've linked up their work for the week under the various posts will have a shot at winning this.  You have until Sunday evening to get your work linked up.  Do you need to play everyday to be eligible?  NO!  Just the more you link, the better your odds!

In case you see some crafting in your future this weekend because you not only want to dig into your stash, but you want a shot a prizes (and who doesn't), you'll need a quick, yet yummy dinner to serve to your family.  This Zesty Calzone (found on Apron Strings I Can Cook That board) is just the thing to get you in and out of the kitchen and back to your scrappy spaces.  I've made this, and it was a family hit.  Switch up the inside meats to meet your family's tastes.  I served it with fruit salad, but it would be a great side for a soup, as well.

Off to get rolling on . . . well. . .anything.

Happy Friday.

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