Monday, February 4, 2013

Love Your Stash - Day 1

February.  Mr. Groundhog here saw his shadow, and so far he's more accurate that our weather-guys.  It's cold - though they said it's supposed to get to 60.  Yeah, not so much.  Cloudy?  Yes.  Windy?  Totally.  Warm?  No.  And it's blah outside.  Snow is gone and everything is dry as toast.  It's a good day for just working, so I am.  I've tackled my chores.  I've tried to jam the Christmas tree back into the box it came it.  For the record the tree has been down, but it's been in pieces laying at the foot of the stairs in the basement.  They should pack these types of things into a box that can be re-used, meaning the consumer should be able to get the item, in this case the tree, into the box without super-human strength, complex mashing machinery (this is a technical term, naturally) or the splitting and bulging of the box the item arrived in.  Seriously, it's like trying to get marshmallow fluff back in the jar.  I got frustrated, so I moved on to cooking and homemade applesauce (found, of course, on Pinterest and on the I Can Cook That board) seemed a good choice what with the blustery day and all.

We enjoyed a mostly quiet, stay-at-home weekend.  We celebrated my niece's birthday Friday night, started my next knitting class on Saturday afternoon, cropped on Saturday night  and Sunday we had the Super Bowl.  Which for us meant a reason to have finger foods serve as a meal.  We sort of watched the game - but we were more in it for the commercials, which weren't as entertaining as we'd hoped.

As I mentioned I cropped.  I completed more of my December Daily Album.  The number of 5x7 pages completed versus the hours I was there seems to be a tad out of whack, but it's about completed pages and crafting.

There are a couple pages that need . . . something . . . something a little more dimensional.  I'll have to dig through my stash, maybe a button or pin.

Speaking of stash, since I'm sure you all have taken the ideas from January's posts about organizing your scrappy places, caught the cleaning bug and have been a whirling dervish of organizing activities and now you're ready to celebrate your space by getting all crafty.  



Is this on?  

Haven't undertaken the organize and purge of your supplies?  That's okay, if you take part in this month's challenges you'll have less to purge and organize.  Given that we're in the month of "Love," it seems only fitting that the challenges center around Loving Your Stash -- aka, digging it out and using it!   You'll combine the challenges with items you already have - old or new, cutting edge or cut it up, we're gonna use it.

We'll start today off with something fairly simple - dig deep now - and grab an item that you've been passing over for a while and use it.  Papers that aren't really a shade you enjoy - well, it's time to enjoy them.  An embellishment that you had to buy 50 of but only used five and haven't touched them since - go touch them.  Whatever your item, create a layout, card or other maybe something for your home or mini project, then upload them here by Sunday evening. Be sure to let us know what item it is that you've been passing over.  (Yes, there will be rewards.)

Happy Monday.  

P.S.  The website I've been using for linking up your work has undergone some changes, so I need to read up on the changes or find a new "linky."  For now, please link your work in the comments.  Thank you.


jengd said...

I finally broke out some Lawn Fawns that have been languishing for quite a while! yay!

Lori said...

Hurray, hurray!! You go! And I inadvertently asked where your Monday project was...before I came here to see it WAS your Monday project. LOL So. . .where's Tuesday's. :D

Deanna said...

I've had these LYB "Hello Fall" papers for a year or two and keep passing them by.

"Turkey Time"

Lori said...

LOL, I had to chuckle, given how much you create, I was surprised you had something a couple years old! :)