Friday, February 22, 2013

Love Your Stash - Day 15 and a Recipe

Friday!  WooHoo.  It's been one of those dazed-kinda weeks.  You know the ones where you look around and can see that stuff got done, you've been to and from places and there's plenty of evidence that you fed and clothed your family, but the week is a blur.  It's these kinds of weeks that leave me with this nervous energy, this un-restful feeling.  Not sure where it comes from, or why, but I'm hoping to tackle some projects this weekend to put it to rest.  No pun intended. . .my daughter would be so proud.

We have a soccer tourney this weekend down in Pueblo for the 12 y.o.  Should be interesting given that we've got snow, they've got snow (at least a couple inches) and it's not supposed to warm up enough to melt much.  And looking at the forecast down there, it's supposed to be windy too - which it always is down there, but makes for some fun conditions for playing in.

Love Your Stash.  I have to tell you, I'm stymied.  So I asked designer Jennifer Halleck and she's got a recipe for you to pull together. Awesome!  Gather up the following goodies from your stash to create your layout, card or other project:
  • 4 Sheets of patterned paper
  • 5 Flowers
  • 5 Brads
  • Strip-style journaling
  • LARGE title 

Your Sunday evening deadline will get you in the drawing for some papers from the October Afternoon Ducks in a Row line.  Just link up your work in the comment sections for your chance.

And just so you have enough time to spend crafting tonight, or this weekend, from the Apron Strings I Can Cook That Pinterest board, is this Tilapia Tostada recipe.  And it is yummy; even my kids liked it - enough for seconds!  My only recommendation is that the toppings tend to slide off the tostada shells, so we'll be doing regular taco shells, or going for soft corn tortillas the next time.

Happy Friday,

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