Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Weekly Recap and Croptober

Today dawned grey and misty.  It looked like someone laid vellum over the city - you could still see the rich colors through the mist.  A stark contrast from last week's sun and fairly decent temps.  

Lots of color in the neighborhood that seems to be hanging around longer than usual and I love that!

The garden is covered in leaves.  I plucked the remaining cherry tomatoes and plopped them in the pantry to ripen.  I'll probably end up freezing them in groups to use in place of canned.  There are strawberries here and there in the patch, but not enough heat or sun to ripen them.  I found a Pin about getting a better crop, that I'll hopefully remember next spring, to improve our harvest.  

Hubby is really a big kid, so when my sister's husband presented him with a salt-gun (looks a lot like a Nerf gun) for shooting at flies and then a behemoth of a fly got in the house. . .well. . .put two and two together.  What genius thought of this?  Now there's salt all over my floors.

Speaking of hubby, he and his dog headed to Nebraska on Saturday night to hunt all day Sunday.  Other than a small quail brought home, not much was spotted.  The dog slept all day yesterday - guess the hunt was good for her.  

Anyone else noticing the holiday commercials and totally annoyed with them?  I get the ones for lay-away programs, but come on!  Our Kohl's was already decorated for Christmas last week!  The only place I want to see the coming holidays is in my magazines for planning, cooking and baking.  And maybe my Hobby Lobby because I understand having to craft for the holidays has to start early or it's not getting done.  But this Christmas-push getting earlier and earlier is a huge pet peeve!  HUGE.  I know when Christmas is people.  I've been shopping since early summer for gifts, thanks.  I don't need the reminder or the commercials to get me to shop.

Finally, we had our family portraits done on Friday night - for the most part they turned out well.  There was a shot of hubby and I, and some weird turkey-skin-thing was going on with my neck.  Ewww.  I asked my daughter to get me a shot of she and her brothers, and this is what she sent me.  :/  Thanks.

We're in to the last few days of Croptober and I found this totally cute layout on Pinterest which led me to Weeds & Wildflowers gallery, but it looks like it hasn't been updated in a while and the original photo is missing.  Besides the ultra-cute photo, is the simple design.  It's all about the embellishments.  A scattering of stars, brads, jewels and bats.  That's your challenge today, minimal on the paper, heavy on working the embellishments.  

Link up your creation to the comment section for a shot at the October drawing.  If you complete two or more of this week's challenges you'll get a little extra treat from me.

Happy Tuesday,

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Deanna said...

I was inspired by the image to use 'white space' and a sprinkling of mist.

"100% Sweet!"