Friday, September 12, 2014

September Kits and a Meal

With September kits shipping this week, it was a pretty big bust in about every other department around here. 
My 30 Creative Days challenge was almost nil.  But I'm considering my trip to Hobby Lobby for some DMC floss, selecting photos for my 1st grader's project and helping my 8th grader with his design for his "vote for me" poster for Student Council as crafting time.  Not quite what I think about as creative time, but it is what it is.
My menu planning also took the quickest and easiest route possible, which means it was all via my Taste of Home magazines.  I do have a couple recipes from Pinterest to try out, but I haven't gotten to them yet.  It's cloudy, cold and raining which is perfect weather for baking (there was snow on the cars coming from the foothills.)
But with the weekend stretching out before us, I need to leave you with a recipe that's quick to pull together so you can get back to your own craftiness with minimal fuss and muss.
I made this on Monday - Italian-Style Chicken and Peppers.  I doubled the recipe since it was In-law Dinner Monday and made my own red sauce (which I've mentioned HERE.)  It was really good.  I diced the peppers more fine and the kids ate them without knowing it.  Insert sneaky laugh here.  It sort of made it's own sauce, which if I'd know it would do that, I'd have served it with pasta on the side.  Just a note about the link - it goes to Taste of Home, and for this particular recipe you need to be a member, which is free to join.  However, I did find the same recipe (and photo) on Pinterest.  Either way you get the recipe it's a good one.
If you're looking for something to dip your hands into, check out the September kits and pick one up to play with.

 This month's card kit will get you prepped for Halloween and other fall occasions.
The Smaller than a Breadbox kit has fun stuff for the beginning of school, the end of summer, sports and whatever else you can think of.
The Bigger than a Box kit will also help you with those school events, whether your first is heading for kindergarten or your last is off to college, plus general any of those fall themes you have waiting to be captured. 
There are no plans on the calendar this weekend, so hubby is considering taking the boys out for some fall fishing.  There's an early high school football game tonight - and it'll be a cold, wet one.  Go Mustangs!  Otherwise it's a weekend left for the imagination.
Happy Friday,

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