Thursday, September 4, 2014

Throw-Back Thursday: Sketch Solutions Lesson 12

It's been a while since I've done a Throw-Back Thursday.  It's the photos, more than the American Crafts Dear Lizzy Lucky Charm line from 2012 that help this layout meet the TBT requirement.  The photos are from 2006.

I still have a couple lessons from Big Picture's Sketch Solutions class.  When did this class end (cough) June (cough)?  The lessons are printed and on my work desk , so I just keep plugging away. 

This was also an example of me tossing photos in with kits.  I have tote that I use when I leave the house to crop, but given the Archivers closed and I haven't attended a crop the only scrapbook store around, I decided to work with the kits in the tote.  I don't spend a lot of time thinking about it, just grab photos and look for a kit with colors that will work.  Usually this process is done in the frantic last minutes before I leave. . .and so far it works for me. 

The sketch for this lesson was actually a two pager, which I stayed fairly true to.  The sketch had a nine-photo grid, plus one large photo on the left.  I had a ton of photos that I was able to crop smaller to get more in the grid.  I used patterned paper to fill in where photos might have gone.  I need to get better at embellishing those non-photo blocks, though.  I actually had a couple other photos that I just couldn't work into the grid, they threw off the balance, hence the need for patterned paper.  The journaling in the sketch was on the far right side, which was now more narrow because I added more photos.  But I couldn't recall enough details to actually need that much room.  I think the photos tell the story well enough, anyway.

Overall, I'm pleased with how it came out.  It wasn't what was in my head when I started the layout, but that's okay, too.

Happy Thursday,

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