Thursday, September 25, 2014

Super Stash Busters Challenge #3

It's been a quiet week, once I'm home, with hubby out of town.  You'd think my crafting time would be off the charts, but no.  

It's been quite a while since my fingers even grazed a craft supply.  I can't even fall back on a child's school project as craft related - unless you count cutting out a paper die to assemble and play a math game with.  I can stretch my kids' craft related activities to pseudo make them into crafting time for me, but even I can't go there with that one.

I do have this layout to share though, from a few weekends ago now.  I used Challenge #3 from the Super Stash Busters class I took at Big Picture.  I used the Simple Stories Hey Pop! line found in the June Smaller kit

The Challenge involved repeating elements.  A cursory glance through a couple jars told me I wasn't gonna find too many multiples of a given element.  Add that I wasn't much feeling like digging into my stash to begin with, and I just went with the kit and luckily it had an Arrow paper - looked repeating enough for me.  There's a bit of repeating with the chevron shape, in the background paper and on the small strip at the bottom of the journaling card.  If I wanted to stretch it, I repeated the use of the Tangerine Mini Brads - but that's really pushing it.

Once I settled on the paper, I did look for some arrows to reinforce the theme, but either the colors didn't work, or I just couldn't make the ones I had work.  In the end, I think it was because of the busy-ness of the photos and then the papers themselves.  I messed around with removing strips of arrow papers, adding arrow papers, combining the number of strips with the arrows I had and I just couldn't get it to look right.  The resulting layout was, ironically, where I started before I messed around for way too long.  In the end, my first set-up was what worked the best.

I did follow the sketch, with the exception of the title being on the journaling card instead of to the left of the photos.  I do need something over there to balance the layout.  Maybe one giant arrow.  Naturally, I think of that now!  Today, though, it's a completed page - arrow or not.

Happy  Thursday,

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