Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Six Years Ago

Six years ago, after flying down the highway, running out of gas a good 20 miles from our final destination with contractions about three minutes apart, we welcome our newest model.  We call him our "green" model.  He, unlike his older siblings, was nameless for two days.

We finally decided on his name, Matthew (after nixing Axel.)  His name means "gift from God," and he most certainly is.  He was the gift we never knew we were waiting for.  We also found that his name means "game changer."  And boy was he ever.  He came into this world the same day the stock markets came crashing down. 

When he is happy . . .he is very happy.  We he isn't. . .nobody else is either. 

He is probably the most independent of the bunch.  He's outspoken. . .always has been, his very colicky beginnings are proof of that.  He's energetic.  He's outgoing.  He's my keeper-upper.  

He's loving.  He's full of hugs.  He's cuddly.  His joy bubbles out and is infectious.  You can't help but see the world through his eyes.  His "I love you's" are unsolicited.

He's my fourth child.  My third son.  And today, he's six.

Happy Birthday, my sweet game changing gift.


wendipooh13 said...

wow that is pretty close getting to the hospital!!!! what a cutie and happy birthday to him!!

Lori S @ Apron Strings said...

Yeah. . .a little close. If I'd been with a girlfriend, she'd have thrown $5 worth of gas in the tank and peeled out.

Not hubby, had to fill it full.

And thanks!