Friday, January 15, 2016

Food For Thought

It's been a long time since I shared menu items.  Too long.  Though I've been cooking, most menus over the holidays were easy, simple stuff. . .not new or worthy of writing about.  But I do have a few things from the last month that were worth a note.

If you're undertaking the Scrap Your Stash challenges and need something fast to feed the family while you play, or maybe trying to get yourself into regular menu planning (because, truly, it's worth it) then check out the tried recipes below:

I've become quite the "when it can be made at home, make it" kinda cook.  Poptarts are one of those easy to make at home things, even if you use store-bought crusts (someday I'll figure out pie crusts.)  These Pumpkin Pie Poptarts are easy and tasty.  Me and my pumpkin lovin' clan wanted more.

I often fantasize about sipping a beer on the porch in the summer with hubby, or sitting with some alcoholic-y festive thing by the Christmas tree with him after the kids are in bed.  Fact:  it never happens because when I'm done with dinner clean up, I'm pretty much done with the day.  But that doesn't stop me from pinning a drink or two.  This Apple Cranberry Moscow Mule looked and sounded good.  It wasn't.  I think the ingredients would work, but in different amounts.  There wasn't enough tart cranberry thing for me and the ginger beer was overpowering.  I haven't decided whether to keep the pin and just rework the recipe, or delete it.  For now, it stays.

I love pork shoulder.  It's cost effective, makes a ton and you can do so much with pulled pork.  Like this 30 Minute Pasole.  It came together quickly and had awesome flavor.  Served with a side of Everyday Cornbread it was a good cold-day meal.

I have weaned myself off of Bisquick, but doing so left me without a fast waffle recipe, which can sometimes be multi-steps.  Not that there's anything wrong with that, unless there are five hungry people breathing down your neck on a Saturday morning.  I found this 4-Ingredient Dutch Cream Waffle recipe, tried it, loved it and it will now be my staple.  They were an interesting mix of crispy, yet light as air.  They also didn't get soggy with syrup or fruit sauce.  Good stuff.

Snickerdoodles are a staple at my annual Cookie Bake.  They were my sister's thing to bring, but then she moved to Kentucky.  Now someone usually makes them in her place.  We were well passed the Cookie Bake when I found these Pumpkin Spice Which Chocolate Snickerdoodles.  But I had to try them.  They baked a little long for me, so were more crunchy than chewy; I like a chewier Snickerdoodle.  I didn't really notice the white chocolate chips and the pumpkin spice is what you roll the cookies in, and it wasn't a whole lot different from the straight cinnamon sugar that is typical.  Given that, I'll stick with my sister's recipe.

I'm back in the saddle with menus, so look for more next week.

Happy Friday,


wendipooh13 said...

IVe got to try those cookies!!!!!

Lori said...

They were tasty, just watch the cook time if you like them softer.