Thursday, January 14, 2016

Scrap Your Stash - Challenge Two

Does that sound still echo in  your head?  Were you ever unable to complete a layout because the sound would wake the sleeping souls in your house?  Did you have to warn a fellow scrapper, who may have been writing, before pounding the daylights out on the table?  Ever forget the setting pad, or maybe you being too lazy to dig it out, thought, "What could happen?" and then realized you'd punctured the table?  

If you were lucky, you had one of these.  The best thing to happen to eyelet setters everywhere.  Though, there was something to be said for taking out a little aggression on those little metal donuts.

If you answered yes, you probably had boxes of eyelets.  Maybe you still do (cough, cough.)  They were inexpensive.  The came in 100's of colors, and unfortunately 100's to a box.  Then came the shapes.  Oh the shapes.  

If, like me, you still have these and haven't used them in a while, it's time to dig out a box and get them used on your layout, card or maybe you're making some home decor piece, like a banner and want to reinforce the holes.  Whatever your creative undertaking today, don't forget the eyelets.  And pound away.

Go.  Create.


Deanna said...

Here's mine using a couple of shaped doggie eyelets. I rarely use these anymore. Thanks for the push!

Lori said...

If you've scrapped for more than 10 years, chances are you have a supply of eyelets., so good for you for using some.